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Dedicated Web Hosting Servers

Dedicated Servers Definition

Corporate websites, social networks and video sharing web pages are very popular and busy web sites that request lots of system resources to run. The more viewers a web portal accommodates at the same time, the more resources will be required to cope with all the requests from the customers' browsers and to fulfill them. Hence a dedicated hosting server would be the optimum site hosting platform for such portals.


Dedicated Hosting

The greatest benefit of the dedicated hosting solution is that you have a whole physical machine for yourself. If you wish to make any configuration changes, you have full root access and can change partitions, configure the Operating System, install additional software - things that you cannot do with a shared hosting plan. What is more, you can choose your own hardware configuration and even order more RAM or hard drives if you decide to upgrade.


Dedicated Servers

Usually, the business hosting distributors supply varied architectures to answer the needs of their clients - from a low-end web server for one website to a very advanced architecture that can tackle very heavy web pages and 1000's of visitors at any particular moment. The central processing unit and disk space quotas and the database connections can be confined only by the web server hardware itself.


Dedicated Web Hosting

Shared hosting servers accommodate multiple customers and therefore the resources per account are restricted, virtual private hosting servers offer more configuration liberty, but also influence other private virtual web hosting servers on the hardware node if used imprudently, and dedicated hosting servers give you the opportunity to perform everything you see fit without meddling with anyone else.


Dedicated Servers Hosting Solutions

Both DirectAdmin and cPanel endorse CentOS only; unlimited hosted domains; need an extra account login for domain name, invoice transaction and technical support ticket administration purposes; full root privileges. All dedicated hosting severs are available only in the US datacenter.


Dedicated Server Hosting

If your corporation has a popular site, or just has very exact web server architecture requirements, the right option is a dedicated web hosting server. For someone who is prepared to invest in safety and dependability, the greater price is of no concern. You get complete root-level access and can use 100% of the dedicated server's resources without anyone else using these resources and messing with your sites.