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Free Domain Name Registration


With 'NTC Hosting', you can register or transfer your domain names, modify their contact info, and get prompt notices so that you will not skip the renewal deadline. If you elect to purchase a VPS hosting plan too, you even receive a inexpensive domain name.


Domain Registration

The physical server has its own personal physical address, popular also as an IP address. Visiting a web site by writing the IP address of the machine in your browser, however, is not the best thing to do, so that was how and why domain names came into being. Therefore, a domain corresponds to an IP address on the World Wide Web. Once it has been registered, of course.


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When picking a domain, you should reflect upon its TLD. Whether it will be a generic Top-Level Domain like .com, .mobi, .org, or a country code top-level domain name like .ca, .se or .jp, is determined by the target viewers and on the goal of your site, but also on your liking, so when you are searching for a registrar where you can register your domain name, make certain that you find one with a huge number of domain name extensions.


Free Domain Name Registration

A domain name contains 2 components - a Top-Level Domain (TLD) and a Second-Level Domain (SLD). In "domain.com", the ".com" bit is the top-level domain name, and "domain" is the second-level domain name. There are 2 sorts of top-level domain names - generic TLDs, such as .com, .net, .org, and country code top-level domain names - .ca, .fr, .de. The domain name is what describes your weblog, trademark, or corporation, and it is what your website visitors will identify you with.


Domain Names

If you desire to create a website, this implies that you need a domain. A domain name is an easy-to-remember name that you write in your web browser's address bar when you want to reach a specific web site.


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One of the most crucial requirements for creating a successful Internet presence is the domain name. It is what visitors will spot first when they come across your website and what they will identify you with. The domain name should be easy to memorize, but should also be something that informs your site's visitors what the site is about.